Jocassee Gorges Wilderness Area & Lake

I had been to the ‘lake’ part of Jocassee, which was a pretty straightforward drive, and that’s why, not a biggie. This time I decided to go to the Jocassee Gorges Wilderness Area. The view from the top over there was just sublime! Take a look:


Well, I just found out about it when I was browsing through google images of the lake (this picture definitely belongs to me though). Amazing, right? Now here’s the catchy part: I didn’t know how the roads leading to the top would be. The road is a gravel road, and a pretty bumpy one at that. I went drove there on my full sized sedan, and since the ground clearance of sedans are not that high, my car had to undergo some troubles. Useful tip: take a rental SUV or some other vehicle with high ground clearance or one which you don’t have to worry about a lot.

All aside, it definitely was an adventure. Photography was pretty limited because of the angles available, but I managed to take some:

Okay, now that we were done with the top, we wanted to visit the lake once more. The entry fee (parking fee essentially) to the recreational area was 15$. The recreational area offers camping, having a family picnic (barbecue, etc), swimming for adults and children, some hiking trails (about which I read somewhere although I did not get to check it out). You can also rent kayaks (starting at 5$ per hour), or rent motor boats (starting at 300$ per 3 hours- this is a price I asked them). Another option is to go on a boating tour which will cost you around 50$ per person.

By the time we reached the lake, it had become gloomy and was raining in the nearby mountains. I managed to take a few pictures worth putting on here. Here it is:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And that’s it. It was a nice trip, taking around an entire day from Clemson and back. Thanks to the soon-to-be-doctor Subash Chandra Godar for lending me his awesome camera (I lost mine), and Dr. Pradyumna Mulpur for clicking the one picture of me that I have included in this post, and my dear friend and roommate Soham for accompanying me this time to one of my trips.

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